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South Central Region

Welcome to the web site of South Central Region Liberal Democrats.

South Central Region covers the counties of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and this site contains information about the Liberal Democrats across the region.

Recent updates

  • fundraising photo group
    Article: Apr 12, 2015

    Many of your will have received a letter from me recently seeking donations to fund our campaign in West Berkshire.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed - we could not do it without you! I know every campaigner always says that, but all donations, at this stage, are going directly towards printing our election materials, delivering news about the policies we've delivered in government, such as reforming schools funding, pensions and taxation, and our aims for the future - such as the Five Green Laws, £8bn (costed) for the NHS and ring-fenced funding for education from cradle to college are delivered to local voters. In 2015, the newspapers are not going to do the job for us!

  • Air Quality
    Article: Apr 10, 2015

    Air pollution in the is set to high levels today, prompting health warnings from the government. Those with heart or lung problems and the elderly are being told to completely avoid strenuous physical activity, while even healthy people are being warned to cut down on the amount of physical exertion they do outside.

  • Clive Jones
    Article: Apr 8, 2015

    Clive Jones, Liberal Democrats candidate for Wokingham says,

    "Liberal Democrats in the next Parliament will spark a low emission car revolution in Britain, starting with a £100m prize fund for car makers.

    "They will receive the multi-million pound fund when they produce an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) that becomes a top five selling car over the course of a year. This is a fantastic incentive to business to produce these news".

  • Article: Apr 3, 2015

    Patients in Oxfordshire will benefit from £4.8m of new investment per year under a new "Care Closer to Home" fund launched by the Liberal Democrats today. This is part of £16m of investment earmarked across Thames Valley.

    The Liberal Democrats "Care Closer to Home" fund would safeguard the NHS by investing in care in people's own homes, GP surgeries, care homes and community clinics. This will help people to stay healthier for longer and avoid hospital admissions. The total package amounts to a staggering £2.5bn of investment, £500m a year over the next five years.

  • Article: Apr 2, 2015

    Eastleigh's prospective MP Mike Thornton has raised fears that elderly residents will be left cut off after the Conservative County Council axed free older person's bus travel between 9am and 9.30am.

    The Lib Dem candidate has expressed concerns over the axing of the concessionary travel to Old Age Pensioners, claiming the move will cut many off from getting to their medical appointments or the free swimming classes at Fleming Park Leisure Centre.

  • gvj medal
    Article: Apr 1, 2015

    Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth South Gerald Vernon-Jackson, has found a medal given to one of his relatives for fighting at Britain's greatest victory at sea, the Battle of Trafalgar.

    The medal was given to Midshipman William Herringham who served on HMS Colossus and was wounded at the battle.

  • Article: Apr 1, 2015

    Today is the first of many days when pensioners and young teenagers will no longer be able to go swimming in Portsmouth swimming pools for free.

    Free swimming was a vital public service for the young and the elderly to help residents in Portsmouth keep fit and healthy and provide a real opportunity for people to take up swimming for leisure and for fitness.

    Gerald Vernon-Jackson commented: "It's a sad day for Portsmouth. For years now, young teens and pensioners have been able to swim for free. Unfortunately, the Conservative/Labour/UKIP coalition now making decisions at the council decided to cut this service despite significant public opposition."

    Gerald continued: "When the Lib Dems ran the city council, we understood just how beneficial free swimming was and if we regain control of the council, we will bring it back."

    -- ENDS --

    Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Portsmouth City Council, is available on 07976 949272.

  • bags
    Article: Mar 31, 2015

    A law to cut the the use of disposable plastic bags in the EU by 80% has been overwhelmingly approved by MEPs in the European Parliament Environment Committee today in Brussels, despite a lack of support from Conservative MEPs.

    The EU legislation will help ensure that efforts by the coalition to cut plastic bag waste, including a 5p mandatory charge for single-use carrier bags in England being introduced in October 2015, will not be withdrawn by future governments.

  • bus
    Article: Mar 31, 2015

    London has come joint sixth in a new study by the European Environmental Bureau that ranks 23 major cities in Europe according to their efforts to improve air quality. Zurich topped the ranking followed by Copenhagen, while Lisbon and Luxembourg came last.

    London was given a high score for efforts to increase cycling and the use of public transport and for implementing the congestion charge. However, the report warned that several measures to tackle air pollution have been weakened since their introduction.

  • trafficking
    Article: Mar 30, 2015

    The government has announced the Modern Slavery Bill is set to become law after being accelerated through parliament.

    Human trafficking campaigner and South East Euro-MP Catherine Bearder has heralded the passage of historic legislation to protect victims of modern slavery.

    The MEP has worked with a number of charities to raise the issue of trafficking up the agenda and has made calls for an anti-trafficking Commissioner, and for victims of trafficking to be protected.

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