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South Central Region

Welcome to the web site of South Central Region Liberal Democrats.

South Central Region covers the counties of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and this site contains information about the Liberal Democrats across the region.

Recent updates

  • Document: Aug 24, 2015
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  • Article: Jul 10, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesman in Wokingham , Clive Jones says:

    "In George Osborne's first solo budget without the Liberal Democrats its good to see him continuing the Liberal Democrat policy of increasing Income tax thresholds. The new base of £11,000 already agreed for 2017 will be introduced a year earlier in 2016. Lets hope he continues to embrace this Lib Dem policy throughout the rest of this Parliament so that it reaches a minimum of £12500 by the end of the Parliament.

    "Another Lib Dem policy continued by the Conservatives is the creation of more apprenticeships. Two million were introduced during the Coalition between 2010 and 2015. Its hoped that a further 3 million will be created in this Parliament. Again, lets hope the Conservatives continue to embrace this Lib Dem policy.

    "Corporation tax was 28% when the Coalition started work in 2010. To encourage business this was reduced to 20% by 2015. It will further reduce to 18% by 2020. Good news for business in general. Not so good news for the smaller traders in Wokingham Town centre who I am sure would have preferred to see some relief from Business rates instead.

    "I can't agree with the decision to hold public sector workers pay increases to 1%" says Clive Jones. "Teachers, nurses and health workers, junior civil servants, local authority employees and junior members of the armed forces should not have their living standards reduced like this".

    Clive says, "There is a new name for the minimum wage. Its the New Living wage. This is not the Living wage as all know it. It sounds like good news if you are currently on the minimum wage of £6.50 and over the age of 25. By 2020 your wage will have risen to at least £9.00. However for many people on low incomes with families there will be cuts to the tax credits they currently receive that will make them considerably worse off. One of the worst parts of the budget is to take away vital support from disabled jobseekers reducing their support by £1500. Taking it away from them wont help them find work".

    "The commitment to spend 2% of GDP on Defence spending is good news for the Military families still based around Wokingham and for those employed at Burghfield and Aldermaston"., says Clive.

    For more information please contact Clive Jones 07720275212.

  • Article: Jun 17, 2015

    A report today showed sickness rates at Portsmouth City Council have risen from 7.88 days a year to 8.73 days per year over the last year. The largest increase in the reasons for people taking time off work is stress.

    Portsmouth's Lib Dem Leader Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson is very concerned by this. "Nearly 35,000 days of work by council employees were lost last year costing local tax payers millions of pounds. The rise in sickness rates is disappointing when the council has just reduced the target for the number of days lost to 7 per employee. This comes at also comes at a time when the City Council is trying to save an extra £13 million a year."

    Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Portsmouth City Council, is available on 07976 949272.

  • farron_Lamb
    Article: Jun 16, 2015

    South Central and South East Regions held a Leadership Hustings on Friday, 12 June, in the Garden Court, Highfield Campus, Southampton University.

    A packed hall of more than 210 Party members heard the two leadership contenders make speeches and answer members questions in their bid to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats. Tim Farron and Norman Lamb have both vowed to revive their party - which was decimated in last month's General Election.

  • Article: Jun 5, 2015

    On Friday a meeting at Portsmouth City Council is set to announce the naming rights to the Spinnaker Tower are being sold.

    "This work started under the Lib Dem administration of the City Council and we welcome the news that this work looks as if it has come to a successful conclusion," said Portsmouth Lib Dem Leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

  • hra
    Article: May 27, 2015

    The Liberal Democrat leadership candidates Tim Farron and Norman Lamb have joined forces to launch the party's campaign to protect the Human Rights Act.

    Before the election, the Liberal Democrats warned that if the Conservatives won a majority they would scrap the Human Rights Act.

    Now the Conservatives have set out plans to abolish the Human Rights Act in the first 100 days of this Parliament.

  • Greenham Common
    Article: May 21, 2015

    The Greenham Control Tower Restoration project has been selected by Waitrose Newbury as one of their three Community Matters projects for the month of May.

    At the end of the month, each of the three community projects will receive a share of £1000, the share being based on the number of green tokens that each project receives.

  • Winning Team
    Article: May 20, 2015

    South Central Regional Liberal Democrats have organised a meeting for members in Woodley to review the General Election and plan the way ahead. All local parties in the region have been asked to ensure they are represented at the meeting.

    In light of a record number of new members joining the party since the General Election the invitation has been extended to all new members who wish to help our fightback. We would be delighted to have your ideas and views. A warm welcome awaits.

  • Judith Bunting at the TVAA stall at Brimpton Airshow
    Article: May 5, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats will use £2.5 million from a fine imposed on a bank for rigging the Libor rate to investment in The Thames Valley air ambulance service.

    This money could be used to buy an additional helicopter, provide 24/7 emergency, or upgrade helipads at hospitals - although it is up to local groups how they spend the cash.

  • ben help to rent
    Article: May 2, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats have announced plans for a new Help to Rent scheme targeting support at young working adults who still live with their parents but want to move out and rent their own place.

    Research shows that around two million young working adults - sometimes dubbed the 'boomerang generation' or 'clipped wing generation' - still live with their parents despite being in paid work.

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